So So Sushi Lunch

Went out to lunch today, which is a rarity. I always bring something on the days that we don’t get fed. Our new training queen (as my boss calls her) took us out to Spamps Restaurant. It’s a strange place, with an even stranger name. Swanky and definitely geared towards the professional crowd. It labels itself as Steaks, Seafood, and Sushi. And they’re right, they don’t have Japanese food, they just have sushi.

I didn’t really want sushi, but everyone at work had been raving about it, so I decided to give it a go. I had a spicy california dreaming combo, which came with soup, salad, and 2 rolls. Not a bad deal for only $10. It wasn’t bad, but not nearly as good as others said. But I guess it’s good for Conshohocken standards. Sagami it is not! The soup was ok, but a little too strong and salty. The salad was not really what you would typically get at a sushi restaurant. First off it was mesclun greens. We all know that a house salad with ginger dressing at a sushi restaurant means iceberg. Iceberg people, simple iceberg. The rolls themselves weren’t bad either. But nothing to write home about. So all in all, ok.

So for dinner I got extra lazy and decided to make a frozen dinner. Not a microwave meal or fish sticks, but one of those new Bertolli frozen pasta dinners. I’d gotten a few while they were on sale (I’m always willing to try anything once, provided it’s on sale!) so I gave it a go. Just threw it in a skillet onto the stove for 10 minutes and I was done. I went with the Chicken Alla Vodka & Farfalle. For the second time today, it wasn’t bad. Much too salty for my liking (I’m not a fan of salt). The asparagus were surprisingly fresh tasting. The chicken was real strips of chicken breast, and also tasty. The pasta was nice and al dente. So for me, I would even say I liked it, except for the overly salty part. I think these things have the commercial where the Italian restaurant chefs/workers are sitting around at their empty restaurant. Annoying ass commercial, but they’re not half bad. I have one more to try and I’m looking forward to it!

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