Colts, Triscuits, And Prince

It wasn’t until just a few years ago that I even knew how football worked. I’m not all that into professional team sports, so I just didn’t care enough to know. A few years ago, at a Super Bowl party, I actually learned how the sport worked. And I still remember most of the rules now. This year wasn’t too exciting team-wise, but I had to watch, if only because I had put in $6 to the office block pool. I lost, of course, but it was fun nonetheless.

I really enjoyed the game though, mostly because of the rain. It added that element of the unknown, and I loved all the slips and fumbles. Prince was good too. The whole time before half time I thought for sure Prince wouldn’t play in the rain. His diva-ass self must have had some “no bad weather” clause or something in his contract. Something about not affecting the quality of his purple catsuits. He kicked it out though. I thought he sounded great, looked great, and put on a good damn show. The cirque du soleil crap in the beginning was just crap. I couldn’t even pretend to watch. But that was one of the best half time shows I’d seen in awhile. I only chuckled a little bit when his guitar speakers went out right at the end.

I didn’t have any fun Super Bowl food. No chicken wings, no Doritos, no beer. Instead I scrounged up some random goodies from the pantry. I had some Roasted Garlic flavored Triscuits. OMIGOD. Now I love regular Triscuits just fine, but I had these for the first time right before New Years, and these are delightful. These kick regular Triscuits to the curb. Seriously, I’m in love with these. I also boughth some Izze, clementine flavor, at the Target the other day. They’re alright. Honestly, it tasted like Orangina. But I like Orangina just fine so I enjoyed these. For the price though, I think I may stick to the sparkling juices from Trader Joe’s (blueberry being my favorite). I also had some Ritz so I made some Ritz peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I love the salty and sweet combo of these!

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