Define “Day Off”

I took the day off yesterday and ended up shoveling snow for most of it. And thus is my life. I also tried very fruitlessly to try to find a place around me where I could get a simple haircut. Apparently, it is an accepted truth that hairdressers do not work when there is a flake of snow. After hours of looking, I did end up at one, but honestly, it should not have entailed that much work. There is literally a salon on every block, and yet somehow they were all nearly closed, on a Tuesday.

Afterwards, I did get to make one of my favorite things to make, ever. Mainly because it’s easy and good – make at home pizza. Please notice that I did not say homemade pizza. Homemade pizza implies homemade dough, which involves flour, yeast, rising, throwing and twirling, which is just way too much work for me. Instead, I buy the premade dough that comes raw in a plastic bag from Trader Joe’s. Look folks, they do the work for you, and it’s 99 cents. Yes, not even $1. It comes in white, wheat, and an herby variety, with green specks of stuff. The wheat I don’t care for and I’m a bit scared of the green specs. I’m good with the plain old white dough. It used to be 79 cents though. But I guess TJ’s must be struggling since they had to make that 20 cent price bump. That’s really gonna hurt my wallet. Now I’m that much further from purchasing that vacation house in the Hamptons.

You simply take this dough, put a little flour on it, and use whatever technique you can to get it to resemble some type of round shape. Put it on a cookie sheet, put some sauce on it, cheese, and topping(s) of choice. I also use premade sauce, from a can or a jar. I know, shame on me. For cheese, it’s usually mozzarella, and this time I used pepperoni. But I’ve also done this with veggies, fruits, etc. Pop it in the oven and you’re good to go. I’ve also made stromboli with the dough, and they claim it makes good breadsticks. It’s not a thick or ultra-chewy dough. In fact when it gets cooked, it kinda thins out a bit, but I still like it better than the other pre-cooked varieties. It’s better and costs about 1/10ths of the price of Boboli and others.

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Define “Day Off”
  1. dusio says:

    Trader Joe’s rocks!
    I love a woman with an oral fixation!

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