I Heart Conference Centers!

I had quite the food day yesterday. I had to go to an all day off-site meeting at the ACE Conference Center. It’s one of those places who exists purely to house people having conferences and meeting. That’s what they do. They’re not a hotel, they’re a conference center. There’s also a golf course there too, but you have to be there for a conference to use it. So it’s not a golf club either.

Anyway, I love going there because they feed you all day long. And I mean all day long. First off, they have drinks for you all day. Sodas, water, Wawa lemonade and chocolate milks, coffee, tea, hot chocolate. The works. For breakfast they had fruit, yogurt, some bacon-y puff pastry with potato thing, and granola. You could snack on it all morning. Then for lunch they have a cafeteria that serves a slew of different things, buffet style. I love buffets because it lets me taste everything. I had some really great chicken, mahi mahi, pasta, salad, nachos, rice, corn chowder, and on and on. And for dessert I had some peach cobbler a la mode and some pineapple. They also had a bunch of cakes and a bunch of pies. And cookies. For afternoon snacks they brought out some mini chicken cordon bleus, more yogurt and puddings, various ice cream (fudge bars, ice cream sandwiches, fruit bars, strawberry eclairs), cookies, Pepperidge Farm gold fish, M&Ms, and fruit. And they left that out all afternoon too. Seriously people, I was in heaven. I didn’t take any pictures because, well, I didn’t want any of my colleagues thinking I was some weird ass freak who takes random pictures of food at conference centers (but I will try next time!).

All I know is, I have to go back there in a few weeks, for two whole days. I’m going to be obsessing over it until the day is here!

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