She’s Soup Crazy

So I thought I’d take this post to recap some of the work food experiences from this week. Wednesday was the day after the big storm, so there were only about a dozen or so people in the office. For whatever reason, the catering company still showed up with the food – wraps and pasta salad and ridged potato chips. Because there was barely anyone there, they gave us 5 minutes to grab what we wanted so they could take it all back and come back with it on Thursday. The wraps were ok, the pasta salad was great. The chips, which I’m not sure if they are real Ruffles as they came in unmarked white bags, were also lovely.

So the food came back on Thursday. I was a bit wary on how wraps with deli meats and cheese and veggies would hold up being stored for a day, so I stayed away from it. But I did try the soups – cream of potato and chicken and rice. The chicken and rice was good, but had way too many crazy carrot chunks. The cream of potato soup was not so good. First off, cream of potato soup is not cream of chicken soup that you throw potato chunks into. It’s more like potato soup that may have some chicken stock as a base. It’s as if they took some cream of chicken soup out of a can and threw in some leftover diced potatoes. Did not enjoy it at all. And I am a huge soup lover.

I remember the time we were at a company off-site in Atlantic City and we ended up at Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill for dinner. None of the entrees piqued my interest, but the soups did, so I decided to get two soups for dinner. Everyone thought that was hilarious. To this day my boss always comments on if I’m eating soup for dinner. What was even more funny is that I had asked the waitress if the soups were big. She said no, they’re pretty small. Wouldn’t you know it when they came out the bowls were about the size of my head. Seriously, everyone’s eyes bugged out. And I ended up eating only some of each cause they were so big. This waitress had a seriously distorted view of the word small.

Anyway, so one of the soups was good, the other not so good. The pasta salad was still good, so were the chips, and so were the pickles. Yum. Friday was pizza day as usual, but in a stange twist, it wasn’t from Tony A’s. Instead, it was from Pizza Time Saloon, another local Conshohocken joint. And I loved it. The bbq chicken pizza was weird. It was a breaded chicken that they had cut into cubes with a bbq sauce that had a hint of chinese 5-spice. Or at least it seemed like it to me. My colleague said it tasted like general tso’s chicken pizza, and it strangely did. My pizza of choice had sausage, sweet peppers, and onions. It was awesome. And it was a very doughy and thick crust. It was better than Tony A’s, even better than the bacon burger pizza. What’s a girl to do?

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