Above 70

Today was unusually warm, and above 70 degrees for the first time in 2007. So like everyone else who got so excited about it, I ended my evening with a trip to the local Rita’s. As I was on my way home, my friend K called and asked if I wanted anything from Rita’s. She had just left her house to get to Rita’s, and I would pass it on my way home. So it all just worked out.

There was a big line, of course. I went with half tangerine and half Alex’s Lemonade. The tangerine was pretty good, and had real chunks of tangerine rind. A bit surprising at first, but full of flavor. The lemon, eh, was a bit bland. Sorry Alex. K went with wild black cherry and lemon, and man, am I ever glad she got that wild black cherry. It was amazing. There was such a rich and deep flavor about it. It tasted like a really excellent black cherry soda. Note to self, next time get a whole wild black cherry one.

I’m not the biggest fan of Rita’s, as I think their flavorings taste a bit artificial, but it’s handy in that it’s all over the place and easy to locate when you’re hankering for water ice. I have a friend who is from Philadelphia but moved to Austin to open a water ice shop – Jim-Jim’s Water Ice. That takes balls! I hope you have a great season this year!

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