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So we went back to the ACE Center on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, for two full days of training. Time Management (I wish I had more) and Problem Solving (I wish I had less) were the topics of discussion. Our instructor was a great guy from England. He also gave us our Leadership training last year. I raved to him about one of my favorite things about England being all their bacon flavored snacks, and he brought me back some smoky bacon flavored crisps (that’s potato chips to you and me). And they were delightful. Smoky, bacony, not salty, not greasy. Yummy bacony goodness.

There was plenty of food to be had at ACE, as usual. And I took pictures this time, I didn’t care what anyone thought! For breakfast on both days they had this thing called “American Souffle”. Which was an egg based concoction with meats and potatoes and flavoring. It wasn’t bland whatsoever, even though I added a bit of hot sauce. It looks a little gross in the pic, I know, but I swear to you it was tasty.

Lunch was pretty good as usual and I gorged (no surprise there). The flank steak was particularly good. They had fish on both days, which was also pretty good. The second day was fish stuffed with crab meat. Anything stuffed with crab meat has to be good, right? They always have a rice dish, but it’s usually only ok. It could certainly be cooked a little more, and they tend to put too much celery in it.

I had apple pie the first day and it was delicious. They also had some bread pudding which I enjoyed. I think bread pudding is something you either love or hate. The second day I had some awesome banana cream pie. For those of you who have ever been to Sonic Burger, my favorite thing there other than the strawberry limeade is the banana cream pie shake. So this was the real thing. And they had the mini chicken cordon bleu nuggets again. Cheesy, hammy, chickeny, breaded goodness.

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ACE Is The Place
  1. Angela says:

    BAAACCOOONNN!!! Hell yeah, I still remember the bacon-zitos snacks from Brazil. :) I was in Paris recently and I had Ham flavored Buggles and I thought of you! :)

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