It’s Really Not Spaghetti

The other day I worked from home while my car got inspected. She passed! My old neighbor is my mechanic and he just takes the car from my mom’s house in the morning and then brings it back afterwards. It’s the best setup ever. When I went to pick it up, my mom got me food, cause she’s always concerned about me eating. I think judging by this blog, she has nothing to worry about.

One of my favorite Korean comfort foods is dukboki. Basically it’s rice cake (not like the ones dieters eat) smothered in a spicy sauce. The rice cake is just basically a chewy starchy tube that’s made with rice, and they slice it into a few inches in length. Then they add some fish cakes sometimes, perhaps a boiled egg, and lots of spicy cochujang, which is the quintessential korean spicy-fying ingredient. It’s spicy and sweet and chewy. This particular one was quite spicy. I believe I did start sweating.

The picture doesn’t do it justice, as it looks like a bloody mess. It kinda looks like really scary spaghetti with bits of random stuff in it. It doesn’t have a hint of tomato at all. It’s just spicy and sweet. I have very fond memories of when I was very little and still lived in Korea, we would always go to the market on the weekend. And there was a favorite stall of mine that served the best dukboki ever. I still remember it!

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It’s Really Not Spaghetti
  1. angela says:

    That looks like a hot mess, but for some reason makes me hungry none the less. Damn your food blog and its evil ways!! ;)

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