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So I had another day off today. And that’s a very loose definition of day off. I got up early to work. Then I went to a doctor’s appt. Then I went to a cafe and worked. Then I went to another doctor’s appt. Then I came home and worked. Very leisurely, eh?

So I set up house at the Bear Rock Cafe during lunch. Which is a fairly new place in King of Prussia. I’m not sure what their schtick is, but they have free Wi Fi and a nice atmosphere. It’s like a mountain lodge in there. There’s even a fireplace, Mission style lighting, stone tiles, it’s quite soothing. In all the booths they even give you outlets so you can park yourself and be on the computer all day. The food selection is sorta Panera Bread like, with sandwiches and soup and salads. They also have some pizzetas made out of flat bread, baked potatoes, burgers with meat or fish, and a decent selection of desserts. If anything , it’s worth the free Wi Fi alone. Plus they have a little room off to the side that you can use for groups, and it doesn’t even cost any extra.

I was here last weekend, that’s how I found out about it, and I had a crab and corn chowder that day which was pretty good. I’m a sucker for New England style clam chowder, and they were serving an East Coast clam chowder today. So I went for it. And I got it in a sourdough breadbowl. Look folks, I was hungry. As you can see by the pic, it was ginormous. I was expecting this little bowl, but this thing was the size of a basketball. It was very crusty on the outside, so I just ate the soft mushy bread on the inside. The sourdough was quite good. The soup itself was only ok. I am not convinced that it did not come out of a can, but if it did, it was a pretty good can! I’ve eaten alot of white clam chowder in my day, and I’ve had much worse. And I’ve had much worse in supposedly good restaurants than out of a can. I think the best I ever had was in San Francisco once. That too was in a sourdough bread bowl. That clam chowder may be reason enough to go back there.
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