Salad Fever

Mmmmm… we had wraps and salads from Saladworks Wednesday. They had 5 different types of salads, including my favorite – Mandarin Chicken. It has greens, cucumbers, dried cranberries, chopped chicken breast, mandarin oranges, carrots, chow mein noodles, and the sweet oriental sesame dressing (I threw some other stuff from other salads in mine too). YUM. Basically it’s all sugar, but it’s all so good. I’ve had it before with breaded chicken chunks (basically chopped up chicken fingers) and baby spinach, and it’s even better that way. I don’t like those weird random mesclun greens anyway. I like plain lettuce or spinach. The wrap was an odd egg salad and chicken salad combo. I’m not sure why they were together. But it was fine nonetheless.

They also had these amazing giant cookies. I had the oatmeal raisin and it was delightful. It was too big for me to even eat in one sitting. Bigger than my hand, seriously. I was in a training class today too, so they brought us sandwiches from Panera. Ugh. I was excited because I really like their chicken salad, but there was a random mix of sandwiches today. I ended up with a roast beef sandwich that looked safe enough, but then I bit into it and it had gobs of mustard on it. I don’t like mustard at all. But I’d already started eating it so I felt I had to eat it. All I could think to myself was “yum, I am really enjoying this mustard sandwich”. Note to Panera – don’t put mustard or mayo on sandwiches. Just give us some packets so we can decide on our own!

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Salad Fever
  1. Angela says:

    High Maintenance! You want everything on the side… YUM MUSTARD!


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