Taking A Peek

I’m fairly new to this foodbloggin’ thang, and this is my first official blog event, courtesy of Lydia at Kitchen Exhibitionist. I have an odd kitchen. It looks nice, but it’s still odd. First of all, there’s not enough counterspace or cabinets. That’s the unfortunate circumstance of the house itself. Whatever genius designed the kitchen decided to put the most unfortunate window in a key area of the wall, which prevented any additional counters and cabinets from going in. So in light of that, I have one tall cabinet which acts as a cupboard/pantry, and a newly built behind-the-basement-door cupboard that I made with my very own two hands on one Sunday (you can see how “home-made” it looks!).

The kitchen used to be horrendous. When I bought the place two years ago, it was the potential of the kitchen that sold me, not the kitchen itself. It sucked. Horrible floors, one row of crappy cabinets, weird plastic backsplash, everything was just bad. That’s why I spent two miserable months of my life painstakingly gutting it and making it functional, with a little help. Every piece of tile on my kitchen floor was installed by lil ol me. The entire remodel was completed on this frugal girl’s limited budget and in my two month timeframe. It turned out quite nice actually, but I do long for additional cabinets and counterspace.

I’m not quite sure what looking at my cupboards actually says about me. I have alot of cereal. I like it, but moreso, it’s expensive, so when it’s on sale, I buy alot of it. It’s like a strange impulse. I’ve also been on a ramen kick lately. Not the 10 cent Nissin kind, but more exotic and international that I pick up at the asian markets. I’ve been fairly experimental as of late and they’ve all been quite good. I’m sure I’ll post about that later.

So, what’s in your cupboard?

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Taking A Peek
  1. Lydia says:

    Thanks for participating in this event, FoodZings!


  2. Taylor says:

    Gotta love tall cupboards, though. Where’s that lovingly installed tile?

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