The Worst Snow Ever!

Friday evening bestowed upon the greater Philadelphia area one of the most pain-in-the-ass snowstorms in a long time. I awoke Saturday morning to the strangest combination of slush/ice I’d ever had the pleasure of having to shovel. The top was just crunchy and hard, and even walking on it, my weight never cracked it open. You couldn’t use a regular snow shovel, you had to get a regular garden type shovel that you would dig dirt with and basically chisel this snow/ice in little bits. It was so overwhelming that I had to do it in little spurts and then rest in between. And all I could muster was making a little cattle chute for my little car to slide in and out of the driveway. I couldn’t do anything else. It was killing my spirits.

With March Madness, St. Patty’s day, and this freak storm, I didn’t dare drive into the city that night. I took the train instead, along with lots of other people, and got to ride for free to boot! We had another Meetup at Devil’s Alley Bar and Grill. It has a devilish/underworld schtick going on, so the decor is very dark, literally and figuratively, especially in the basement’s bathrooms. Check out the sinks too, you turn them on, and they’ll spill all over you so it looks like you peed yourself. That’s fun!

They bill themselves as a comfort food place, which is true. There’s nothing snotty about it at all. They’re big on burgers, and many of my fellow diners got some variety of burger. They also have ribs and other bbq, but I’m a little wary of bbq around these parts. I’ve lived in Texas and had my share of good bbq. I don’t like to eat bad bbq. I’ve also had North Carolina bbq and Kansas City bbq. Philadelphia bbq scares me.

I went for the brisket sandwich though (although I really do love me some ribs) and a bucket of fries. And by bucket of fries, they really mean a bucket of fries! It comes in an adorable tin bucket. I really liked these frieds, they’re the skinny kind of fries, which I love, and not greasy at all. I also like the little end crunchy pieces that you get at the bottom of your fries, and alot of these particular fries were like that. Yum. I don’t like thick soggy potato-y fries. I like em skinny and crunchy.

My brisket sandwich came with thick grilled bread. It was supposed to come with a horseradish sauce but I passed on that. The sandwich was pretty good actually. The brisket was dry. And by dry I mean it didn’t come with any sauce on it. In Texas they call it either dry or wet. Wet means they put sauce on for you. It was a bit plain though, so I did ask for a side of sauce. Their sauce was definitely homemade. It was sweet and sour and spicy and a bit strange, but I liked it.

The highlight of the evening was going to Capogiro for a near religious gelato experience. I’ve had gelato before in Germany and liked it alot. But I hadn’t had any in the States. I’d been to Capogiro before, but only in passing to get quarters for the meter, not to eat. They were nice enough to give me quarters without making me buy anything. That should have been enough for me to know how good this place would be!

It was A’s idea to go, and I am appreciating this suggestion, and also cursing it, as I am now addicted. I am daydreaming about it now. I can’t get it out of my mind! They have rotating flavors, some seasonal. I went with the blood orange and kiwi sorbetto. The blood orange was good, but the kiwi, the kiwi was mindblowing! It’s unlike anything I’ve ever had before. Not fake tasting at all, with real kiwi bits and seeds. And it’s not cheap either might I say! The smallest size is just under $5. It definitely isn’t a 59 cent ice cream cone, but even I have to admit that it’s worth every penny. This is the kind of addiction that I would gladly hand over my hard earned cash for. Now if only I can convince them to open one in the suburbs!

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The Worst Snow Ever!
  1. Good post! Going here for brunch on Sunday, so I’m glad to have read your review first :)

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