World Cafe Live – Go For The Live

I went to World Cafe Live the other night for a free Philly Local night, where 4 local bands played. It was pretty fun. You got to sit (which I loved) and watch some great music in a pretty cool venue. Plus, it was free. Plus, you can eat. And did I mention that you get to sit?

I’d been there before for another show but never ate there. It always looked pretty ok. And pretty ok was what it was. I went with the pulled pork for some reason, and they claim it is Tommy Gunns Carolina Style Pulled Pork. Whatever. The kitchen had some kind of snafu with our order so we had to wait an unbelievably long time for our food. Strike one World Cafe Live Cafe! Then when the food came out, for whatever reason, my sandwich roll was very soggy. It must have been some extremely wet pork. The pork itself was fine, if not plain, as you get a side of the sauce. But it really bugged me that the bottom half of my kaiser roll was pretty much a mushy mess. Ugh. So it wasn’t much of a sandwich.

I am happy to say that the fries were very good, and hot. The slaw was good too. It’s weird eating in the dark. I thought I was eating a pretty much all carrot slaw, but judging by my picture, I guess it was an all red cabbage slaw. I really liked the slaw! M got the angus burger and she was quite happy with it. And she loved the fries. So the highlight of the evening definitely was not the food. That was the surprise appearance of Amos Lee playing two songs. I do have to plug my favorite band of the evening – the Swimmers. They were the best of the bunch!

Oh, we had Italian from T’Dori the other day at work. It was really good. They had a boatload of different stuff that day. 3 or 4 different kinds of lasagnas, 2 different chicken dishes, meatballs, green beans almondine, salad, and cookies. Yum. The picture looks gross though. It really looks like human innards. Shame on me and my poor photo techniques. Also, they got us some wraps for lunch today during our training. And they had my nearly ultimate nightmare salad. It had mesclun greens, bleu cheese, and mustard based dressing. Ugh. The only thing worse would have been to have celery in it! But at least I enjoyed the wraps.

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World Cafe Live – Go For The Live

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