Food For Work

We had more training today and they brought in lunch for us. Luckily, it was not mustard sandwiches from Panera bread, it was alfredo penne pasta with chicken and broccoli (and a tiny bit of artichoke), and garlic mashed potatoes. The potatoes were awesome, made with red potatoes and filled with potato skins. Yum. They weren’t very garlicky, but they were still good. The pasta was also pretty good, but a bit bland. I had to throw some hot sauce in mine. Plus I got to grab the one and only Hank’s black cherry soda. They also had some little mini desserts and I had a macaroon. It was delightful.

After work, we had a going away party at Spamps. I had blogged about the mediocre sushi lunch there before, so I wasn’t expecting much. They had some appetizer type stuff for us. I had some pot stickers, other dumpling type stuff, chicken on a skewer, mini crab cakes, and some california rolls. I quite enjoyed the pot stickers but they didn’t have any type of dipping sauce. That was a bummer. The other dumpling wasn’t very good. It had beef in it, but had an odd flavor. The chicken was quite good, plain, but cooked very well. The mini crab cakes were alright. The california rolls, however, were surprisingly good and fresh. I was quite happy with it. And I had my current cocktail of choice – orange vodka with sprite with a lemon. Totally refreshing.

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