My friend is really quite obsessed with the pizza from Franzone’s. It’s one of these things that apparently people love or hate. They got it for lunch at work once, and so many people complained about it that it never came back again. I’ve been hearing about it for months, so I finally got to experience it myself. It’s in a random tucked away strip mall in Conshohocken, off of Ridge. It’s officially a pizzeria and restaurant and sports bar. There’s actually a room with a pool table and a smoking section. They also sell beer, bottled and on tap.

I didn’t order the pizza myself, but did try it. It looks CRAZY. First off, it has an extremely thin crust. Then, they put the cheese on first, and it’s a special Wisconsin blend of cheese. Finally, they put the sauce on last, and they put it on with a swirl. Crazy, huh? The sauce is also extremely sweet, so it’s definitely not for everyone. And because it’s applied in a swirl, not every bite of pizza will include sauce. It is an extremely strange thought. But I loved it! I guess I’m one of the people who like it. I like sweet food, so I knew that I would like the sauce. The texture of the pizza, the crust, and the cheese is excellent. It’s thin and light and crispy, not crunchy at all. And because it’s so thin crusted, it’s so easy to eat. And even though there wasn’t sauce in every bite, I still enjoyed it. The cheese was special, as I could tell it was different than plain old mozarella. I am a Franzone’s convert.

I myself ordred a cheesesteak and cheese fries. The steak was quite good. It came in a much different roll than I expected. I would have to say that I’ve never had a cheesesteak in this kind of roll, as it has a glossy crust, as if it had an egg wash on it. The grilled onions were sliced extremely thin and they weren’t quite cooked enough, but it was still good. It also seemed like they hollowed out the roll a bit so the meaty filling would fit into the roll.
The cheese fries on the other hand were not very good. They were extremely greasy to begin with, and instead of a cheez whiz kind of a cheese, it came with what seemed to be the same Wisconsin blend they use on the pizzas, that they broiled over the fries so that the cheese melted. It didn’t work. The cheese was too chewy and stuck to the plate and it was just weird. It would have been much better with fake cheez. Yey on the pizza and the cheesesteak, ney on the cheese fries.


1940 Main Ave
Conshohocken, PA

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I too have moved all over the US but the fam is still in the area. Every time that I go home, I have to have a Franzones! There is no other pizza like it and I wish that they would open up one in South Florida! There are a bunch of us down here that truly miss it!

    Love Franzones!! Go Birds!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have been a pizza lover all my life and have had pizzia all over America and in many countries including Italy. I have made my home in Bridgeport, Pa. for the last 40 years and have had Franzones pizza many times. I don’t find it particularly special and this business of putting the sauce on last is strange! I once asked the owner why they put the sauce on last and he “as a matter of factly” said “To keep the cheeze from burning”. I never knew that was a problem! In my opinion, the best pizza in America is Bertucci’s. They make it in the traditional Italian way using wood fired brick ovens, thin CRISPY crust, and chunky tomato sauce. It is the closest thing to REAL Italian pizza you will find this side of Italy. The, ofcourse it is a matter of personal taste or lack of something better to compair it to.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I grew up eating Franzones Pizzas. It is the best pizza in the world! I moved to Virginia from K.of P. in 1990. and I miss Franzones pizza horribly. I crave the sweet sauce,tangy cheese and thin crust! It’s addictive. I know several others that have moved from the area and they feel the same way. This past summer, 8 of us met at Franzones when we got together for an “old girlfriend’s” reunion and we ate 5 large pizzas! We just can’t seem to get enough of ’em!

  4. Anonymous says:

    i work at franzones and let me say i have been eating since i was born and i still eat it after working there and i always will eat it o yea the bridgeport store is better its at 501 dekalb in bridgeport and the service and employees make for a better experience!!!!1

  5. Anonymous says:

    Franzones has the best pizza in the country! I grew up in King of Prussia, now live in Florida, and I’m dying for a slice right now!!!!

  6. lynn says:

    we have been going to franzone’s my whole life and think it is the best pizza ever. Of course we try different places but have never tasted one that is equal to franzone’s. the service, food and bar are very friendly and fun. A must place to go.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Best Pizza in the County!

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