Hotel Buffet

We had an all company meeting on Monday at the Marriott. I love these, because they feed us, haha, buffet style. I got there a bit early so I was able to take some quality pics. First in line was “make your own cobb salad”. There was romaine lettuce, chopped beef, avocado, hard boiled eggs, bleu cheese, bacon, tomato, cucumber, shrimp, chicken, and cheese. Plus two different dressings. I ended up having a mostly bacon salad with some lettuce and other stuff. There was supposedly a red wine vinaigrette, but I think it was actually some fat-free italian dressing that wasn’t very good.

We also had some garlic mashed potatoes, which were super. I had several helpings of that. There was also some chicken breast in an orange glaze sauce. It wasn’t bad chicken, but I think it was a bit undercooked so I only had a few bites. It seemed way too pink. There was also salmon which I did not try and a grilled veggie mix with green beans, and shredded peppers and carrots. The veggies were good.

Finally there was the dessert table. There was fresh fruit and mini apple tarts. Also some bread pudding and mini chocolate cheesecakes. The fruit was fine, if you like that kind of thing, which I do. The little apple tarts were good, the pastry shell quite crunchy, perhaps too crunchy. I quite like bread pudding so I enjoyed this one. The cheesecake wasn’t bad either. I probably ate a bit too many mini desserts. Oh well!

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