Post Aqua Debaucle Meal

So we did have to eat before the movie, as it was getting late, and I was still hungry. And I hate being hungry. There weren’t very many options at that point, as the clock was ticking, so we ended up going to Pagoda Noodle Cafe, which is literally next to the Ritz East. I’ve been there before, before going to a movie at the Ritz, and I’ve had good experiences.

I was actually a bit warm after walking from Aqua to the Ritz, but went with a hot noodle soup anyway. I got the Hot and Sour Seafood Noodle. It was basically like hot and sour soup, but with noodles. And instead of tofu and pork, it had seafood in it. I quite enjoyed it. But I really like hot and sour soup. If you don’t like hot and sour soup, it’s unlikely you would enjoy this.

We also got one of the specialties – Stuffed Chinese Purple Eggplant with Shrimp. We’ve had this before and it was as delicious as ever. It is the small eggplant stuffed with shrimp, which they fry up a little bit, and then put it in a nice and mild black bean sauce. We also had some spring rolls which were also good. They were quite meaty.

Service at Pagoda Noodle is quite good. They’re attentive and your food comes out fast. This was again, a stark contrast to the Aqua non-experience. If you’re going to the Ritz, then I’d highly recommend it for a quick pre-movie bite.

Pagoda Noodle Cafe
125 Sansom Walkway
Between South Front & South 2nd St
Pagoda Noodle Cafe on Urbanspoon

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Post Aqua Debaucle Meal
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