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Last Friday night I went to Copabanana for the first time in years. I think the last time I went was probably nearly 8-10 years ago and I was at the one on Chesnut street. All I remember was that the nachos were good and the drinks were even better. They have these things called “Spanish fries” which I ‘d never heard of before. They’re fries that come with sizzled onions and jalapenos and your choice of cheese – whiz or shredded cheddar. They come with any burger that you order as a side. They’re also known for their burgers. And now know why.

This time we went to the one in University City. I started off with a mango margarita. The margaritas all come with your own shaker so you can pour your own drinks. They have the regular margarita as well as fruit flavors. They’re good, and they’re strong! They reminded me of the mexican martinis I would have at Trudy’s in Austin. Ah… I really miss those days! The fruit margaritas come with a sugared glass, the regular ones come with salt, you have to ask special to not have it salted.

So back to these burgers. I’m not sure why they tasted so good, but these burgers really were good! I’d had a few people rave about them to me, but I was thinking really, a burger is a burger. I’m not sure what kind of crack they put in these burgers, but they were really good. It’s a half pound hamburger patty cooked to your choice, and it normally comes on a sesame seed bun with your choice of toppings. They have many pre-determined toppings of your choice with catchy names like the “Copa”, the “Acapulco”, or the “San Remo”. I went with the “Atlantic City”, but with fried onions instead of raw. It was great. I asked for a kaiser roll, but it came out with the regular sesame seed bun. That was my only real complaint, food wise. It came with those Spanish fries, and I had the whiz. I liked them, but they weren’t tremendous or anything. The sizzling onions were a little too raw for my liking, and they would probably have been even better more cooked. I ate around the jalapenos. I still like the spicy chili cheese fries from Nifty Fifty’s the best. I could eat that as a meal!!!

This place plays music really loud. And at a certain point in the evening, a dj started spinning, and it got even louder. So if you’re looking for a nice calm evening, this isn’t the place for you. But if you want a really tasty burger and to get a bit tipsy on some good drinks, then this place is a good time.

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