What A Used Car Salesperson Eats

On Monday my mom and I said goodbye to a trusty old vehicle that we’ve had for nearly 12 years. She served us well, but it was time to release her into the used car underbelly. Well, it actually went to a very nice family in West Chester, and we know they will take care of her. In celebration of the first, and hopefully last, time that I have to act as a used car salesperson, we celebrated with a meal at the H Mart food court. I had to go there anyway to pick up some chinese noodles, so why not, I said let’s stop in and eat.

It was a beautiful day, and I wanted something cold, but there wasn’t much to choose from cold-wise other than sushi, and I wasn’t really feeling the sushi that day. I got laboki instead, which is just like dukboki (spicy korean rice cake) but with some noodles, and specificially ramen type noodles. It’s one of my favorites and as usual, I wasn’t disappointed. It was mighty spicy. We got it from Monsieur Tong Tong, a food court vendor whose name I particularly have a sweet spot for. There was one cold dish choice and my mom got that, which was cholmyun. That is a cold noodle dish, with a “sticky” or chewy noodle, called cholmyun, which is mixed with thinly julienned veggies like carrots and cabbage and then mixed with a tangy spicy sauce. Enjoy the before and after pictures, pre-mix and post-mix. I really liked this alot and will have to get it next time.

On a work lunch low-note, they served us turkey dinner on Wednesday. Only thing is, it wasn’t real turkey, it was lunch meat turkey. The potatoes were good though and so was the stuffing, but the turkey. It was what it was. The beans were soggy. This lunch was provided by the same catering company who gave us the made-to-order stir fry and our last breakfast for lunch lunch. I wasn’t excited about any of these meals they provided. I have a feeling maybe they know someone who works at my company or they’ve signed some exclusive contract with us which means they provide us with mediocre meals for dirt cheap. Since the weather is getting nice out, I just hope Chef Don comes back so he can grill for us again this summer…

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