Why You Should Read Blogs…

Because you will win free stuff! I got to see a great show at the Khyber this week – Kristoffer Ragnstam and Robert Gomez. All because since I started blogging, I’ve been reading blogs more, and while I don’t remember even entering this random draw, I apparently did, and won free tickets to the show from the Phillyist. It was a fantastic show, nearly noone was there, and I got to meet both bands. And they were also great. Good times. Now on to the food…
My friends M&M invited me over the other night to have some leftovers of soondubu (Korean tofu stew) and cioppino that they had made. You know what? They were both good. Soondubu is one of those things that is very Korean and there are restaurants who only sell soondubu. They have one thing on the menu and that’s it. They make it very easy to make at home these days because they have packets with the flavorings that you throw into some water along with a package of tofu and also toss in some frozen seafood mix that they especially sell for situations just like this. I’ve never made it myself, but my brother has. If he can make it, then anyone can! The cioppino was also good. We ladelled it over linguine noodles and there were mussels, fish, onions, and tomatoes. Good job M&M!

Then M made me try this weird Chinese “dessert”. He kept calling it dessert but it was really booze with some rice in it. It says “fermented sweet rice sauce” on the label, but it’s basically some sweet rice in water that they fermented. It’s gross, extremely strong, and not likeable at all. Blech. M is crazy for liking this stuff!

I made a giant hot bowl of udon noodles the other night. It’d been in my freezer for awhile so I wasn’t sure it would turn out good, but it certainly did. Udon is a thick Japanese noodle, but Koreans like it alot. The frozen packet I was using was Korean. It comes with the noodles and the flavoring packet and the veggie type stuff. It turned out really quite delicious. But I think I need some bigger bowls.

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