Cuatro De Mayo Celebracion

Instead of pizza friday, which was rescheduled to pizza wednesday, we had a pre-cinco de mayo celebration at work with some mexican-style food. I say mexican-style as it came from another random non-mexican catering company. It was a burrito and taco bar, also some flan and cookies, and some virgin drinks.

I went with a burrito. They had ground meat and grilled chicken and the expected fixins. They also had vegetarian filling option, of some random veggies in what seemed to be an indian-based type of flavor. There was definitely some curry or cumin in there. It wasn’t mexican whatsoever, but I liked it alot. I basically used it as a salsa for my chips.

I loaded my plate up with tri-colored chips, filled my flour tortilla with some ground meat, spanish rice, some black beans, and random fixins. It wasn’t anything special and not anywhere near authentic. But when you’re hungry, it does the job. I also had a pina colada, and somehow rum found its way into it. Oh, it was delish. And I felt it right away. Seriously. It was a nice buzz. I had some of the flan, and it looks like a big old mess in the container, but it was quite delicious. I could have eaten many pieces of this. And I should have, as I needed more food in my belly to soak up all that rum…

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