I’m A Bad Food Blogger

On saturday night I went to one of my favorite places to see live music – the North Star. Don’t worry, I’m not going to start blogging about bands or live shows I go to see. I’ll only mention that I’ve never eaten there, yet. Since we were in the Art Museum area we decided to grab a bite to eat. Bridgid’s was suggested, and I wholeheartedly agreed, as I’d heard nothing but good things about it.

First we drove around for way too long looking for a place to park. After many rounds around the block, we found a HUGE spot about 5 steps away. It was stupendous. Bridgid’s is a cute little Euro style joint with a great selection of Belgian beers. We had some hefeweisen, which is a German wheat beer, and probably my favorite next to white beers like Hoegaarden or Blue Moon. I hadn’t really eaten all day, and within a few sips, I was seriously feeling it. Yes, I’m an extreme lightweight.

I ordered the Beer Battered Brotola, which is a white fish similar to cod. Two good sized pieces of the fish came on a tomato based sauce, with a bit of salad, green beans, and rice. I loved every bite of it. The fish was cooked great and the sauce was perfect for it. The rice was good, the green beans were good, and so was the salad. M ordered the Cajun Tilapia, which was basically just a blackened fish dish. Hers came with the same sides, and she liked hers as well. Bridgid’s also gives you rolls and lovely softened butter. All in all, it was a great and unexpected meal.

Now the reason I’m a bad food blogger is that I totally forgot my camera. It’s unlike me, because now my camera lives in my purse. But alas, I forgot it. I did take pictures with my crappy-ass camera phone, but now I can’t get to the pictures. I can’t email them to myself, I can’t send them to anyone else, and I can’t download them. They’re stuck in Motorola camera phone purgatory forever…. unless I figure something out later on. So let’s hope I do in the future and I can share my crappy phone pics with you. But if you can’t wait, then head over to Bridgid’s yourself! Even E from Foodaphilia just went there again and loved it, it’s her favorite in the Art Museum area!

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