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After a morning of fence painting (totally Huck Finn-ish), we skidaddled over to the Manayunk Brewery to get some grub. You know places like the Manayunk Brewery, it’s a microbrew that brews their own beers. You’ve really been to em all if you’ve been to John Harvards, Iron Hill, Victory, and so on. What set this place apart was that it was a beautiful day out, bordering on hot, and we got to sit outside and overlook the glorious Schuylkill river. There is plenty of indoor dining as well.

So the food, well, it was alright. I got the chili con carne and a side of fries. I think at first I thought it was good because I was so starving, I would have eaten napkins. After I got a bit fuller, I realized that it wasn’t really all that good. It was much too barbecue sauce tasting. I don’t think there was any chili flavor in there at all. The fries were ok, again, nothing great. Now the beer! I did enjoy my beer immensely. So the Manayunk Brewery gets to redeem itself. I had the hefeweizen, which was a fresh batch, made 1 day before. It was really fresh and just want I needed. S got the beer sampler. You’re all familiar with these, all brewpubs have them. She was talking about getting this all day long! See guzzled these down like a true champion.

J got the mahogany wings. Now that I’m looking at them, they look damn good. So you only got like 5-6 of them, but they were good sized. She seemed to enjoy them. A got the veggie wrap, doesn’t it look good. Also, look at this beautiful sesame crusted tuna salad. It’s gorgeous. The fish and chips also looked pretty decent. So I do have to warn those of you who want to visit the Mayaunk Brewery and sit outside on the outdoor seating deck. They played some of the most horrible music I’d ever heard. It was just bizarre. We figured it was some kind of bad satellite radio station, but I swear, it was lost one-hit wonders from the late 70’s and early 80’s. We all just found it unlike anything we’d heard before. It was so strange, it was laughable. Other than that though, sitting outside on a beautiful day while drinking cool brews, it was all quite lovely. The service was also good.

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