Mother’s Day Brunch At DuPont Country Club

This year, we headed to the DuPont Country Club for mother’s day brunch. Which is strange because we’re all so used to going to Winterthur instead. But hey, change is good. So it’s in Wilmington, Delaware, where all the DuPont related stuff is, and it has a golf course and gymnasium and all that jazz. They had mother’s day brunch in a bunch of their different rooms. We were in the crystal ballroom, for the country club casual crowd. I wasn’t very dressed up (I had jeans on), but they still let me pass.

So things started badly as our reservations got messed up. We said 11:30, but they had us down for 1:15. Oops. After some haggling, they were very accommodating. They set up another table for us, and we weren’t even stuck in a corner or anything. It was a great spot by one of the dessert stations.

There was a meat and veggie station which had some mashed potatoes, mixed veggies, some fish with shrimp, and ham and turkey. The breakfast station had omelettes, eggs, bacon, sausages, and French toast. There was a cold food area with soup, salad, cheese, and smoked salmon. And of course, two dessert stations with lots of different pastries, cakes, pies, and cookies. I had a little bit of everything, and it was all fairly good, but I didn’t find anything particularly spectacular. They did have some white asparagus, which I love, so I kept picking out the white asparagus from the mixed veggie station. Heehee. I’m not an omelette person or a smoked salmon person, so I didn’t partake, but everyone else seemd to enjoy that.

I think that for the price, there should have been at least one mimosa or glass of champagne included with the brunch, and there should have been more of a selection. It just didn’t feel like there was enough different things to eat for such an expensive brunch. The dessert selection was good though, and my favorite were the macaroons. Apparently, they’re famous for their macaroons and I could see why, they were delicious. So incredibly chewy, I ate at least a dozen of them, and took some even more home. Another highlight was a cold strawberry soup. It was so unusual and I quite enjoyed it. It was a cold strawberry soup served with cinnamon and sugar croutons. I’ve never had anything like it, but it was really interesting.

One big, huge problem was their creme brulee. When I saw it on the menu, I was so excited because it’s one of my favorite desserts, ever. Problem here though was that there was no hard crusty brulee part at the top. It had all melted so that it was just creme, with no brulee that you could crack with your spoon and that would crunch in each bite. Without that, it really wasn’t edible. I was severely disappointed. Otherwise, everyone seemed to enjoy the brunch overall. My mom ate an incredibly large amount of food. For such a little lady, it was quite impressive. Yey mom!

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