My Attempt For At-Home Mee Goreng

So awhile back, probably too long ago, I had bought some pre-packaged mee goreng paste so that I could try to make it at home. Of all the places in the world I could have bought it, it actually came from the store at Linvilla Orchards. Random is as random gets. Mee goreng is something that I love ordering at Penang, and theoretically, it doesn’t seem too hard. You get some noodles and seafood and some veggies and mix it with sauce. And with the package, the sauce is already made for me. So I gave it a shot.

You cook up some onions with a seafood mix. I bought some pre packaged frozen mixed seafood so I just defrosted half of the bag and threw it in with some sliced red onion. You cook that for awhile and add the already cooked noodles. I bought fresh chinese style noodles so I only had to blanch them for a few minutes. Then you squish the sauce into the mix and cook for a few more minutes. Then a couple of eggs were added to the wok and cooked and mixed in. Then finally some diced tomatoes.

And voila, home made mee goreng. Pretty damn easy. And while it’s certainly not Penang, it was pretty damn tasty for something I concocted. This “Asian Home Gourmet” brand isn’t so bad. It’s my first experience with it and I’m willing to try it again for some of the other flavors. Wahoo.

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My Attempt For At-Home Mee Goreng
  1. Eric says:

    The first thing I thought when I saw the picture of the finished dish was “It’s Klingon qagh with peppers!”. That’s what I get for looking this at 1:45 am.

    This looks good. I’ll have to scan your posts for more homemade meals. :)

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