Their Food Is Good Too!

Last wednesday night, I went to an event that promised hors d’oeuvres and drink specials. There may have been drink specials, but those specials did not include anything I wanted, but there certainly were no hors d’oeuvres or any food for that matter. I was annoyed. Since it was downtown, I’d planned on making a Capogiro run afterwards anyway. I didn’t plan on eating there, but I ended up having to.

We got there at around 10:30, and they didn’t have much food left. Ok, so they only had ham and cheese paninis left. But that’s ok, because they were delicious! The bread is so special, and so crunchy on the outside, and the fillings were just fine too. They warmed it up a bit for us and it was just great! I was so surprised! Who knew the sandwiches would be good too? Oh, and they gave us a free panini to take home! Yey!

When you get the gelato there, depending on the size, you can get up to 2 flavors ,or up to 3 flavors, etc. You get my point. I always get the teeny one because really, that’s plenty, and it’s not cheap so it’s nice to keep it under $5. With that smallest one, you can pick up to 2. And I always feel obligated to pick 2, even though I’m so in love with kiwi that I should just get that. But I usually end up getting kiwi, if they have it, and then something else just to mix it up. I had some grape this time, and it was just blah. My favorites have been kiwi and asian pear. And when you think about it, the asian pear is your best value looking at it from a what the fruit actually would cost you perspective. Since an asian pear could run you like $2 a piece or more, for one piece of fruit, just think how many of those have to go into making the sorbetto! Many many a delicious and expensive asian pear. Get it!

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Their Food Is Good Too!
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