A Relaxing Sunday In Northern Liberties

I was hanging out in Northern Liberties on Sunday, first visiting Elixir Cafe, a fairly new coffee shop. We think it’s run by a Russian couple. There’s free wi-fi, hooray! There’s lots of cheesy italian-style leather furniture. I’m not a coffee drinker because I can’t do caffeine (seriously, I physically can’t do it) but I wanted something, so I got a decaf iced coffee. What I liked best about this place is that they had a bottle of simple sugar. This way, I didn’t have to worry about putting sugar in my iced coffee and not having it melt. I put lots in mine, and it worked perfectly. Oh, and they also have food, sandwiches, crepes, and such.

We biked up to Liberties Walk to get a bite to eat. Liberties Walk is a fairly new apartment community, somewhat swanky, with the ground floors dedicated to retailers. On this particular Sunday, they had some kind of outdoor pet-related festival going on, with lots of pet-related vendors and also a mobile pet adoption trailer. It was cute. We headed over to a Full Plate Cafe, which I’ve read about tons from Foodaphilia and other Philly food blogs. I was really excited about it.

It’s an adorable little place, very colorful, with mostly a bunch of two top tables. The inside is basically one small room. We sat outside in the sunshine. I wanted something sweet, again, so I had the waffle-wish. It was waffles with a banana cream, topped with freshly sliced strawberries and coconut shavings. So good! It also came with some delicious home fries. I loved everything about it. There’s something about the strawberries that restaurants use. Whenever I buy strawberries, they’re never that good. Whenever I get some at a restaurant, they’re super sweet and fresh. What’s the deal?

Z had the chicken salad sandwich. This sandwich was awesome! It was shredded chicken, as opposed to the standard cubed or chopped, and it had little bits of red grapes in it. So good! There was some celery in it, and I don’t like celery, but they chop it small enough that it’s just a crunch, and not anything offensive. I also loved the fact that they give you water in giant mason jars with lemon. You’ll never need a refill because they’re so big! The service was good, the food was even better. Definitely worth all the recommendations I’d read.

Elixir Cafe
944 N 2nd St
Philadelphia, PA
A Full Plate Cafe on Urbanspoon

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A Relaxing Sunday In Northern Liberties
  1. E says:

    I know you started out at Elixir and ended up at A Full Plate, but with just one address at the end, it appears as if your ordered all that food at Elixir.

    Maybe an additional address would help?

    I’m very happy to hear you enjoyed the food at A Full Plate, that chicken salad is banging, and the waffle-which is very popular too. Glad you liked your meal, go back for dinner and make sure to order dessert

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