A Waffle-ing We Go

After the disappointing meal at Cafe de Laos, we biked onward more towards center city and passed the Bonte. I don’t know when these popped up in town, but I’d read about them from Gastronomy. I’d passed it a few times earlier and wanted to stop, so on this beautiful day, I did.

They serve a belgian style waffle freshly made, as if you were getting it on the streets of belgium. I’ve never been to Belgium, at least not yet. But I believe I did have a belgian style waffle when I was in europe. And I remember watching this belgian movie, Rosetta, where the protagonist took over a waffle cart. And none of these supposed belgian street waffles looked anything like the waffle at Bonte. Not that that’s a bad thing.

I just ordered a plain one. And it doesn’t come plain, it comes with lots of sugar crystals. When you first see it, you say to yourself, hey, why does my waffle have salt all over it? It looks like hunks of salt that you would find on a soft pretzel. But fear not, it’s deliciously sweet hunks of sugar instead. Yum. I found the waffle a little bit too doughy, in that when you’re eating it, you keep asking yourself whether it sat in the wafflemaker long enough. But I guess that’s how it’s supposed to be. I certainly wouldn’t mind it if it was a little more “done” but it’s still tasty nonetheless. And at less than $3, it’s an affordable dessert/snack. They also have coffee too. We sat outside that day and after I placed my order, they brought it out to me. That’s what I call service.
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