Center City Sips, Take 1

Last week was the second week of Center City Sips, and I had to partake. There are of course dozens of places to choose from, but somehow, we ended up back at Tragos for $8 pitchers. Sometimes it’s good to stick with what you know! Sadly, white sangria was not available as they did not have fruit. So instead we tried margarita, mojito, and bay breeze. Or was it sea breeze? I have no idea… There were alot of pitchers, and we had a great time. After pickling ourselves, we needed to eat. They did have some appetizers, but they were all picked through and devoured already. So somehow, we ended up at Audrey Claire again!

We couldn’t get an outside table, but there was still a great indoor spot. And with all the windows open, it’s pretty much like you’re outside. We had two of the grilled flatbreads – the smoked salmon one and the pear one. The salmon one with greens and hummus was still good. The pear one, with gorgonzola cheese and toasted sunflowers was also very good. It was that very sweet with the very salty taste combination, and it worked. We were all very surprised with this one.

We got the grilled octopus salad again, and just like last time, I was in love with it again. There’s just something about its smoky chewiness that just does it for me. I could have eaten this all night. We also had the mediterranean spread of hummus and somes other dips, which came with pita bread.

There was also the pappardelle pasta dish with portobello mushrooms. This dish was very greasy, but in a nice and buttery way. It did not have a strong flavor, but it was still very good. we also had a few orders of the mussels. I finally got to try them! The mussels come in a slightly spicy tomato based broth. The mussels themselves were fairly puny, but they were fairly tasty. The broth was delicious. We also had the grilled shrimp dish, which came topped on some rice. I absolutely loved this shrimp. They were perfectly cooked and the flavors were great. I only wish there were 100 of these…

Another great night at Audrey Claire. It’s quickly becoming one of my favorites. I should probably pick some different places to try for the rest of my Center City Sips tours, but I won’t be surprised if I end up back here again.

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