Chef Donald Is Back!

Summer is my favorite time at my work. Why? Because Chef Donald is back! Last summer, he grilled for us on Fridays. I was so sad to see him go and for the colder weather to come back. Last Friday he graced us yet again with his presence. I was giddy with excitement.

So for his first meal he would honor us with, he grilled pork tenderloin with some mixed veggies. Now I tell you people, everything he cooks, whether it’s kabobs, beef tenderloin, chicken, whatever, he always puts garlic and onions in it. I think those are his primary flavor ingredients of choice. You would think this would get boring, but it never does! He performs magical feats with garlic and onions, and I love everything about it. Who cares how hygienic it is for someone to be grilling 100 lbs of meat outside on a hot sizzling day? Bring the grillin on!

On a sidenote, Wednesday lunch was the caterers again, surprise of all surprises. It was hot roast beef sandwiches, meatball sandwiches, and some potato salad. The roast beef was good, but it was just lunch meat roast beef in some au jus. The meatballs were good, as usual. The potato salad was crap. Pure crap. Sad, but true.

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