I’m My Own Butter Churner…

Have you ever made your own butter? I hadn’t until last Monday. I had just bought some fresh raspberries, and thought to myself, wouldn’t fresh berries and cream just be delightful? Yes! So I wanted some whipped cream. But instead of buying some, I decided I would make my own. So I bought a thing of heavy cream. I put some in a small bowl and started whisking. I don’t have one of those hand mixer things, so I had to use sweat. I whisked for a long time. I think my whisk was a bit too big for the bowl. I whisked some more, but it only got a bit thicker. I had to get to work, so I decided to just shake my way to whipped cream. I put a lid on it and started shaking in the car. Eventually, I pretty much couldn’t hear any liquid sounds. There was still a little bit so I thought I would just give it a few more shakes. That’s when I passed that point of no return. And then I started hearing the clunks. When I opened it up, I had butter and buttermilk. I drank the buttermilk, which was delicious, and also tasted the butter, which was even more delicious and fresh. Who knew you could do this? And it actually made quite a large hunk of butter. It almost seems like it’s cheaper than buying butter. In my next attempt, I did end up with whipped cream, but perhaps next time, I’ll just buy some.

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