Jerk Hut

The rest of the Sunday was spent roaming at the Odunde Festival on South Street. It was crowded, it was loud, it was really quite fun. There was alot of food there, mostly of the deep fried variety. I got quite hungry while there. They had some jerked food there too, so I thought to myself, let’s just go to Jamaican Jerk Hut. It’s another Philadelphia institution I’d never actually been to, although I’d always wanted to go there, and I’ve walked or driven past there dozens of times. Even Hollywood movies have been filmed there. There’s a small dining area inside and a veranda area on the outside, with one section covered, and one large section open. There’s a large open “lawn” type area on the outside as well. They also do other cool things out in this big lawn, like show movies and such.

It’s a BYOB, which is sweet. They give you some free chips and salsa to start with. I’m always up for chips and salsa, and free is certainly a nice surprise. I went with the oxtail stew as an entree, which is served with rice, jamaican cabbage, and a piece of fried plantain. I loved it! I’m used to eating oxtail because oxtail soup is a Korean staple and I grew up eating this slightly odd looking cut of meat. The stew flavorings were strong, pungent, and tasty. The jamaican cabbage was a nice surprise. It was my favorite item on the whole plate! I do like cabbage, and I don’t know how they cooked it, but I just ate this up.

Z ordered the jerk chicken platter. His came with some rice and beans, jamaican cabbage, and the fried plantain. I tasted some and it was nice and jerky, and by jerky, I of course mean spicy. It was also well cooked. In all, the food here was great, everything I expected and more. The service isn’t great, but it’s certainly acceptable. I don’t think this is a place where you go expecting great service. Sitting outside on the veranda was also quite nice, but it was a little buggy, so come prepared!

Jamaican Jerk Hut
1436 South St
Philadelphia, PA
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