Sausage, Korean Style

S had a hankering for some spicy food, and I suggested ddukbokki. So we hopped on over to the H Mart food court to Monsieur Tong Tong, for some extra spicy goodness. As usual, it was tasty and super spicy. I’m not all that crazy about sesame seeds, but when it’s on ddukbokki, I don’t mind a bit. And why is it that the hard boiled egg is my favorite part about this? I love spicy eggs. I always put hot sauce or sriracha on eggs.

We also got some soondae bokkum. Soondae, is the Korean version of blood sausage. Yes folks, it’s a bunch of unknown stuff shoved into a sausage casing. When it’s not stir fried into a bokkum, it’s typically eaten plain, dipped in a mixture of salt and chili powder. Don’t ask me what’s in the soondae, as honestly, I really do not want to know. I just know that it’s delicious. I’ve always been quite into it. This was my first time eating soondae bokkum though, where it’s cooked with some veggies and spice. I didn’t know that there’d be sesame leaves in it. Yuck. I have this real aversion to it. In korea, it’s known as kkaennip. It’s very prevalent in korea, not necessarily used as an ingredient, but it’s often the main ingredient of certain side dishes, or it’s used as a wrapper for putting other things in. It has a very distinct, strong, and unique taste that you either like or dislike. And I dislike. Intensely. That’s ok though, as luckily, the flavor had not seeped into the soondae. And I still enjoyed the dish. I was just very careful not to eat any piece of the sesame leaves, no matter how painstaking it was!

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