Scampi Time

On Saturday night I was treated to a homemade meal of giant shrimp scampi. These shrimps were big. Really really big. Huge even. They graced us courtesy of Super Fresh and came pre-deveined. How decadent. Z cooked them with a scampi recipe he found which consisted of garlic, shallots, butter, olive oil, green onions, and chives. It was absolutely delicious. These shrimps were sweet and perfectly cooked with plenty of scampi flavor. We ate them on a bed of angel hair pasta along with some steamed red potatoes. What a great dinner! And I didn’t have to lift a damn finger. Those are my favorite types of meals.

We also had some hummus with some bread and triscuits. It was spinach and artichoke hummus, and I wasn’t too crazy about it. I don’t like cooked spinach and I’m not too into artichokes either. For dessert, we tried to make some mixed fruit smoothies, but F’s blender was booty. It whirred and whirred and made a big stink (literally), but it didn’t mix a thing. It’s a shame because all this fruit ended up going to waste. I hate wasting good fruit!
On this day, I also happened to volunteer at the Appel Farm Art & Music Festival. I do it every year and I love it. One of the best things about volunteering is that they feed you lunch. Haha. This year they had pulled pork sandwiches, again. They were incredibly tasty this year. Last year was ok, but this year it was so much better. They also had an unbelievable corn, tomato, and asparagus salad. I went back for more and the bowl was gone! Damn. So if anybody knows of a good recipe for a corn, tomato, and asparagus salad, please pass it along. It was simple with a vinaigrette type of dressing on it.

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