Suburban Saturday Eats

On lazy Saturdays, I like to head over to the Ardmore Farmers Market in Suburban Square to grab a bite. There are many options – pizza, chinese, sushi, fried chicken, seafood, etc. I’ve had the chinese, it’s good and different, but a bit pricey. Z always gets the amish fried chicken at Stoltzfus Poultry. I’m not big into fried chicken, that’s why I don’t get it. But it is pretty good. You can tell it’s made by hand and made with love. The batter is nicely spiced and crispy and it’s cooked very well. You’ll see no pink bits here.
Genji Sushi Express is a little to-go sushi place. It’s very small, but I’ve always found their food to be pretty good, for to-go stuff. And they will always make something fresh for you. On this day, I asked them to make me a california roll with brown rice. I’m not a health nut, but sometimes, I make small efforts. It actually tastes better with brown rice, as it adds a different flavor angle. They also recently started serving some udon dishes, and they’re not bad. It’s a nice quick choice.

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