Summers At The Patio Cafe

The building next door is hosting the Patio Cafe on wednesdays for the summer, offering box lunches for a steal. They come with a burger or hot dogs or a rotating special (chicken the first week, tuna steak this week) and then a bunch of other tasty treats. You get your choice of chips, a little side salad (potato, pasta, etc), soda, and dessert. They’ve had cookies, brownies, and cake. They also have fixins for your burgers and dogs. All this for only $6. It’s even less if you get the hot dogs.

The first week it all came in this adorable little carry out box. It was so popular the first week that they ran out of burgers and people got stuck with hot dogs. The burgers are 8 oz angus burgers, and after you eat this thing, you don’t really have much room for the other things afterwards. So then I had all the rest of the day to chow down on chips and cake. Yes, that piece of chocolate chip cake is as big as you think it is. And I ate it all. Yum! It was a simple angel food cake with chocolate chips and it was perfect.

Last friday, chef Donald wasn’t there, but one of his super grillers were. We had some grilled steak and turkey dogs, along with some saladworks. It was all quite quite delicious. There’s just so many reasons for TGIF!

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