Crab Slaughter

So this was my third year going down to Dewey, and also the third year for me and the summer crab feast. Oh, it’s a beautiful thing. Look at this dozen and a half beautiful maryland blue crab steamed up and doused with old bay. There are few things in this world more beautiful. They’re squealing for me to eat them. Don’t worry, I will!

Along with the crab, there were pounds of steamed shrimp, pounds of clams, and a crapload of buttered sweet corn. Oh lordy! So this corn was some of the best corn I’ve ever eaten in my life. It was super sweet, positively drenched in warm melted butter, and perfectly steamed. Seriously, I ate 3 ears. And I could have eaten more, but I ate the last one.

The crab were fairly small, as they were out of the jumbos, but they were quite meaty. And even though it seems like so much work for what is probably seen as little output, I still enjoy the whole process of cracking and picking through the crab. Sometimes, it tastes even better when you know you’ve worked so damn hard!

Ed’s Chicken & Crabs

Route 1 & Swede St.
Dewey Beach, DE

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