Dewey Beach greasy spoon

Dewey Beach is a fairly small beach town. It has a tiny “downtown” strip with not that many restaurants to choose from. And really, it’s not like you have much choice, so they don’t care if the food is any good.

We stopped by Sunnyside Up for brunch on Sunday morning. It’s on the bay side, and we got a seat with a view. We could see the bay and the people renting waverunners. Our waitress was from eastern europe. You’ll find lots of that down the shore during the summers. European teenagers come over to make money in resort towns. It’s odd, but prevalent.

P ordered blueberry pancakes along with scrapple! Yeah! I don’t eat scrapple, not because I think it’s gross or anything. It’s fine with me, but I think there are better things to eat. It’s got a strange texture (crunchy on the outside from being pan fried and mushy on the inside) and it’s like you know, grey. But really, I’ve eaten much grosser things.

Not only that, S ordered creamed chipped beef. I’ve never eaten this before so I had to try it. And I liked it! The gravy tasted like the gravy that they put on chicken fried steak, but a little more seafoody tasting. So more like a new england clam chowdery gravy. And then you had thinly sliced beef on top of toast. What’s wrong with that? I had grilled cheese and Z ordered a BLT, but those are boring to write about. All in all, a decent, hearty, and cheap breakfast with a great view.

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