Greasy mall food and Improvised dinners

Yes folks, once in my life, oh, when I was a young teenager, I loved hanging out at malls. After all, what girl didn’t? Nowadays, not so much. But I had to go to one the other day, and since I was starving, had to eat. The “japanese” place in the food court had some scary japanese and chinese looking selections. I decided to go with chicken udon. It looked like a safe choice.

I love udon in general, but it can be very plain depending on where you get it. After all, it’s just thick noodles in a broth with some veggies and protein thrown in. This particular one was so much more than that! Instead of plain chicken, they threw in some chopped teriyaki chicken. It was made with chicken thighs so it was wonderfully tender. It also came with some steamed veggies. Because of the teriyaki flavoring from the chicken, the broth was jazzed up with this extra flavor. And man, was it filling! I could hardly stop eating it because it was so good. So what if it’s from a crappy mall food court place? It was still darn good. I wouldn’t be so sure about their other stir fried dishes, but this udon was great.

We took a grocery trip to hong kong supermarket on washington ave and found some adorable long and skinny eggplant. When we got home, Z whipped up some steak tips with eggplant, red onions, and shallots, using a baja chipotle marinade. I don’t know how people just make up stuff. I can’t ever make up dishes on the go. I can only do recipes. He does this making up his own dishes stuff all the time! And it was great. I did cut up and steam some red potatoes. Haha. Look at me! I’m a chef! I did take pictures and eat the meal very well!

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Greasy mall food and Improvised dinners
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