HersheyPark Eats

Last week I went to Hersheypark. I don’t think I’d been there for 20 years. I didn’t remember very much at all. But I could tell it was just so different. It was so much bigger than I remember. There was no giant stadium. The grounds were not how I remembered. It was also not nearly as commercial!

The food choices at Hershey are really not all that great. But surprisingly, the prices are not that gougey. It’s not as expensive as stadium food. It’s certainly not regular prices, but much more reasonable than expected. We ended up at Nathan’s for lunch. I had a corn dog. Damn, I love corn dogs! I don’t care for hot dogs very much. I’ll eat one once in awhile, but really, I’m not that big of a fan. I’m much more burger girl than a hot dog girl. But I’d pick a corn dog over a hamburger any day. Something about that sweet cornmeal batter. And the greasy hot dog on the inside. Plus, it’s on a stick.

Later on, when I got hungry again after all that rollercoaster ridin’, I got a hankerin’ for a turkey leg! I knew they had them here. After looking for awhile, I finally found the bbq place that had turkey legs. Man, it was BIG. But actually, it looks big, but it’s mostly bone. Ok, well not mostly bone, but the bone is really big and thick. So yes, there was a good amount of turkey meat, but not as much as you may have thought. It was really good though. I love turkey legs because it’s dark meat, so it has more flavor and is not dry. I ate this thing up with some bbq sauce. Oh so good!

On the way home from Hersheypark, we stopped at the new Sonic that is off the Morgantown exit off of I-76. I got my banana cream pie shake fix, finally! See that, now a Sonic is only about 40 minutes away from me. Good thing I have EZ-Pass…

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