It’s Sonically Delicious

People. I love Sonic. I just do. A few years back, I had to go to Oklahoma City for work. There wasn’t too much food to choose from (although we did find some fantastic Vietnamese in a sketchy area of town, go figure), but I picked up my love for local fast food magnate, Sonic. Sonic originates from Oklahoma City and I feel privileged that my love for Sonic started in its home town.

The sad part is, there are no Sonics around here. Or there weren’t. Last year, they opened one near York, PA. And one in the middle of Delaware. And I’ve been to both, several times. My friends A and E even drove to Virginia Beach a few years ago just for their Sonic fix. That’s dedication people! Luckily, they just opened a new one towards Reading and another one in Lancaster. That’s only like an hour away. That’s so doable!!!

I was in Delaware for a mini-break over the weekend, and it started with a trip to visit friends in lower Delaware. And when I say lower, I mean lower. P’s house is in Delaware, but walk across the street, and you’re in Maryland. On the way down, I of course stopped at the Sonic. Never mind the long lines or the wait. I had to have it. We were going to be getting a proper meal, so I didn’t get any food. I just grabbed my giant 44 oz jug of strawberry limeade. Oh my. It has real strawberries in it, and my favorite kind of ice. They’re the little pellets. Oh, I love this ice. I couldn’t drink much of it, cuz let’s face it, it’s the size of my torso, but I enjoyed some more later that evening, and early the next day. There was still even some ice left. As far as food, I particularly enjoy their chili tater tots, their chicken wraps, and their burgers. The banana cream pie shake is to die for. I’ve eaten meals of just strawberry limeade and banana cream pie shake. Just try it. Oh Sonic. I wouldn’t mind at all if you moved in around the corner from me. I would come and visit all the time. A girl can dream!

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