Marriott Conshohocken West – food not pregnant lady friendly

No, I’m not the pregnant lady! It’s my friend A. We had another quarterly meeting this week at the Marriott in Conshy. They feed us of course, how else would they get us to attend? This week’s lunch fare was much more casual than meetings past. We had some salad and pasta salad. Two cold sandwich selections – turkey and roast beef.

There were two “hot” sandwich selections – grilled ham and cheese and bruschetta. They also had some tomato bisque with crab. Except it wasn’t bisque since it wasn’t creamy. And there was no crab. So it was really chunky tomato soup. However, there was a crab dip that did have nice huge chunks of crab. People ate it up like soup.

For dessert they had little mini key lime pies. These were tasty little suckers. They weren’t too tart either. They had a nice mild flavor. There was vanilla mousse with oreo crumbles. It was good but not very vanilla-y. I still liked it. There were cookies too.

Now the thing that sucked is that apparently, when you’re pregnant, you can’t eat deli meat. So A couldn’t eat very much of the lunch this day. All of the sandwiches had deli meat and she doesn’t like bruschetta. So she had to stick with salad and the crab dip. We missed the awesome mashed potatoes from last time. Sigh.

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