Namaste, my spiritual trifecta

While down in Delaware, we needed dinner. We were in Delmar Delaware. Not exactly the pinnacle of haute cuisine. But luckily, it’s just a hop skip and a jump from cosmopolitan downtown Salisbury Maryland. Ooh la la. P and S took us to Namaste, an Indian place in a strip mall, behind a strip mall. Seriously, it wasn’t in just a regular strip mall. There were two strip malls, and you had to drive behind it to get to this hidden one. It is quite the international strip mall though. There’s also a mexican ice cream place, a caribbean joint, and a brazilian restaurant. After Mantra, then Karma, and now Namaste, I’ve completed my restaurant spiritual circle.

Namaste seems to be a local gem. P and S love this place. You have to love a place with name the president paper placemats. I love these. The last and only time I saw these was at a different indian restaurant. They must have the monopoly on these. The menu was standard fare with your typical choices. The prices were quite reasonable compared to other places. You normally see $12-15 for entrees. Here, they were $9-12~ish.

Z had some mulligatawny soup. Yum. They used to serve this at my last job a lot in the cafeteria. I think I might have been the only person that ate it, but boy, did I love it. We also ordered a crap load of other dishes. We had some garlic naan and aloo paratha. Man, these were some of the best I’ve ever eaten anywhere, especially the garlic naan. And they were just super fresh and hot. Perfect! For entrees we got some chicken vindaloo, aloo gobi, mattar paneer, chicken tandoori, and malai kofta. The chicken tandoori was fantastic. It was cooked perfectly, wasn’t dry at all, and had plenty of kick ass tandoori oven flavor. The malai kofta and the mattar paneer came in a similar sauce and it was a bit too sweet. I think they overdid it on the sugar a bit. It was still good, but too sweet. And I usually love sweet food, so surprised me as well. The vindaloo and aloo gobi were quite good as well.

Service wasn’t too hot. There was only one waiter, and he seems a little frazzled. P and S said usually the service is excellent and that the owner comes by and says hi. On an interesting note, the waiter was chinese. But not chinese chinese, but indian chinese. Which is all starting to make sense since some of my indian friends have told me about fantastic indian chinese food that they have back in india, and that you can find “locally” in Edison NJ. Might be worth the trip!

Namaste Indian Cuisine
717 Roland St
Goliath Shopping Center
Salisbury, MD

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Namaste, my spiritual trifecta
  1. Anonymous says:

    I too enjoyed the food at Namaste, frequenting the lunch buffet 2 sometimes 3 times a week until my basket of Naan bread included a cockroach which I didn’t see until I picked uip a piece of bread and it scuttled accross my hand. Needless to say, I haven’t returned which is regretable as their food really is wonderful.

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