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Although I live in the burbs, I am lucky enough to live nearish the main line. I also live quite close to several downtowns (albeit small), including Ardmore and Havertown. Of course, these downtowns are about 1-2 blocks long! In downtown Havertown, as far as food goes, we have a Wawa, Oakmont Pub (which I love), and a brand new thai restaurant, Sukho Thai. It used to be Pappa Lindy’s, which was a very short-lived breakfast place, and only recently popped up as a thai restaurant. Look how cool Havertown is now, we have a thai place!

M got the pad thai. I’ve never ordered pad thai in my life. I’m not sure why. Everybody loves it. I’ve just never been inspired to order it. M thought it was a little too sweet. But I thought pad thai is supposed to be sweet? I tasted and quite liked it. I’ll probably not order it, but I still liked it. It was fresh and light.

I went with the spicy noodles with chicken. That’s what they called it, but in other restaurants, it’s usually called drunken noodles. It’s a wide flat rice noodle with a spicy sauce. I got mine with shrimp. Yum. It was indeed spicy and noodle-rrific. The place is tiny, yet adorable. And for a thursday night in Havertown, it was quite full! There weren’t very many empty tables at all. The service was good, although the waitress didn’t know how to describe what massaman curry tasted like. The food came out super fast (almost too fast) and was pretty damn tasty. The menu is fairly standard for a thai place and the prices are on par with most. It seems pretty popular, so I hope it stays successful!

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New Local Thai
  1. Anonymous says:

    My wife and I tried this last weekend…we loved it…and, we are hard to please! Picked up a take-out menu…will probably use it tonight!

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