Quick Bites

Slurpee that came in the cup? Not too good. Collectible cup? Adorable.

Awhile back, I was at a BP station on Girard when T needed to get some cash. He came back with cash, and some of these delightful Howard’s Honey Plantain chips. I don’t know where else you can get these. I ventured back there the other week just to pick these up. They’re still good.

A few weekends ago, we stopped by Reading Terminal Market to grab a quick lunch. Z got some indian food at Nanee’s Kitchen. It wasn’t bad. I got a crepe at Profi’s Creperie. I’d totally been hankering for some crepes. I got a banana honey crepe. I think I expected it to be light on the honey. Perhaps drizzled in honey. But it was drowned in it. A little too much honey there profi’s! Give those bees a break. Otherwise, it was filled to the brim with bananas and quite good, if it wasn’t for that weird feeling you get in the back of your throat when you’re dealing with too much honey. And a quick shout out to the milkshakes and smoothies made by Freal that you can get at Wawa. So they only have limited flavors, who cares? They’re cheap and they’re good. And you get to mix it on your own, so you feel part of the experience.

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