Shake your Bon Bon

Bon Bon Artisan Gelato is a new gelato place that opened up in old city. It’s quite adorable, and very european cafe looking. Maybe it’s because I’m addicted to Capogiro, but this place does not compare. Capogiro has maybe 30 flavors every day, Bon Bon has maybe half of that? They certainly are cheaper, $3 for a small compared to Capogiro’s $5. They do have more of a selection as far as non-gelato is concerned. They seem to have more dessert selections.

Don’t get me wrong, their gelato is good! I just wasn’t blown away. Z got chocolate, and I went with half pineapple half wild berries. I think it was the texture that did it for me. It wasn’t nearly as smooth and creamy as Capogiro. There seemed to be some icy chunks in the pineapple one. And no, it wasn’t pineapple chunks, it was definitely chunks in the sorbetto/gelato itself. So it was a bit disappointing. But the serving size was good and the service was also nice and friendly. Since Capogiro isn’t in old city, I would definitely go here again. But if Bon Bon and Capogiro were next to each other, sorry folks, Capogiro’s got my vote!

Bon Bon Artisan Gelato
229 Market Street
(215) 925-2122

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