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Last Friday, I wanted to go to one of my favorite suburban thai restaurants for lunch. This would be Sabai Thai in Newtown Square, and of course, it was no more! I am pretty sure it is closed for good. Sadness. It had the best lunch specials. So we headed round the corner to Heng’s Thai and Sushi. This is a new restaurant in a new shopping center. We thought why not.

It’s a swanky place with a modern style. They serve thai food and sushi only, not japanese food, just sushi. They had some lunch specials that were thai only. My bro and I both got some lunch specials. Bro got the egg roll and also a salad. I had the tom yum soup and the salad. The soup was pretty good. The salad was even better. It is a typical salad you would get at a sushi restaurant, with the fresh ginger dressing. This is some of the best ginger dressing I’ve ever had.

W got a coconut soup. It sorta looked like shrimp in milk. She liked it though. She also ended up getting a salad as her entree. It was a cabbage salad. It could come with either cabbage or papaya, or a combination. She actually asked for a combination, but only got cabbage. It had a sweet and sour type dressing on it. It was pretty good.

Bro got the green curry chicken fried rice dish. They basically took some green curry chicken and mixed it up with a bunch of rice. Now mind you, this had coconut milk in it as most thai curries do, but I still liked it. I wouldn’t order it on my own, but I did enjoy it. It was very flavorful and the rice and veggies were well cooked.

I got the cabbage and tofu dish. It came with a pretty benign brown sauce and some brown rice. I guess in retrospect, it was a little too healthy for me. I liked it, but it wasn’t very exciting. All in all, the experience was fine. The service was good. I wish they would have had more selections in the lunch specials. What amused me the most is that their plates are personalized and they all say “Heng’s” on them. I guess I can’t be lifting any dishes from this joint…

Heng’s Thai
1156 Baltimore Pike
Springfield, PA

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Suburban Thai
  1. RemotePhone says:

    You had it wrong, Boney. The fact that the price was 50% different(as you stated) is because there is a lunch and dinner portion! You definitely get more as you pay more. I go to Heng’s all the time(Lunch, Dinner). So maybe you should try to check again as I am pretty sure that this is the case that happen to you. Good luck!

  2. Boney says:

    Do not get fooled anymore. I have been going to Hengs Thai cuisine in Newtown Square for last year and half. I think the food is OK. But starting this week (I went there yesterday 9/2/2008) they have raised their prices and everyone amongst my buddies thought that the prices were already high. What is even worst is I ordered VEGETABLE FRIED RICE. It used to be $8 which is now $9. but I had ordered takeout and the takeout price for Veg Fried rice was $14, $5 more than eat-in price. What a rip-off . I asked the server and she said that prices are set by their owner. I have never seen a restaurant that charges 50% more for the same dish if you take out. Most restaurants have same prices or even lesser for take-out menu. This is a big rip-off and I thought of posting my review just to inform everyone rather than going there and getting disappointed.

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