This caterer’s taste of Philadelphia

On Tuesday, we had a themed lunch at work. They like to do this sometimes around holidays, like when they served us crappy mexican for cinco de mayo and such. So on this tuesday before July 4th, the caterers, you know, the same ones, prepared a taste of philadelphia feast for us. So as little surprise to any of you, here is what we had: cheesesteaks, hoagies, hot pork sandwiches, water ice, tastykakes, soft pretzels, frank’s soda (!), and peanut chews!

So I guess Philly isn’t know for anything really healthy and really, the above items ARE what we’re famous or infamous for. I’m quite a fan of all these things, but it’s kind of funny how they’re all pretty much bad for you. The frank’s soda really blew me away though. I hadn’t seen, let alone tasted frank’s since I was a little kid and there was a frank’s soda machine at Gentile’s market. Wow, that’s quite the throwback. And I’ve always been a huge fan of goldenberg’s peanut chews. I remember how traumatic it was when their factory burned down. And even though now it’s been sold and repackaged and new flavors have been introduced (like milk chocolate, how blasphemous), I still enjoy them and find myself buying them at Wawa every now and then.

I also quite like tastykakes, even though again, they’re not good for you. I’m trying to eat as many as I can before they have to eliminate transfats. My favorites tend to be the plain coffeecakes and plain pound cakes. The peanut butter kandy kakes are good too. I had a peach pie that day and it was great, but my favorite tastykake pie of all is the tasty grahams vanilla pudding pie. Oh my lordie, it’s basically a graham flavored pie shell with vanilla pudding on the inside. Heaven!

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