Woodside Farm Creamery – it’s so dreamery!

So the best thing about going to my aun’t house, especially in the summer time, is that she lives around the corner from Woodside Farm Creamery. Located in Hockessin, it’s a family owned farm, over 210 years old, that makes its own ice creams. It’s a general farm, but it focuses on dairy farming. When you go there, you know it’s a farm, as it smells delightfully so, and you can see the cows. These very cows provide the milk for the ice cream. Fancy! In this creamery, it only takes a few weeks for the transformation of the grass into the ice cream that they serve. Their cows are milked twice daily and the milk is made into a special sweet cream mix that is the main ingredient of their ice cream. And how sweet and creamy it is!

They have tons of flavors and I’ve tried many. I’m pretty much a traditionalist, or a simpleton, depending on how you look at it. The crazy flavors like motor oil, dirt, and turtle are all good and all, but I prefer simple things like strawberry, peach, butter pecan. You can get cones or cups or sundaes, but you can also get pints or gallons to go.
So if you’re ever in the Hockessin area, and why would you be unless you had a relative nearby, you should visit Woodside. Actually, it’s not too far from downtown Kennett Square, so if you’re ever round those parts, then you should definitely stop by. It’s only a hop skip and a jump past some mushroom farms (just follow the smell!).

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