Work food roundup

We had a short work week this past week, or at least I did. We went live with this “thing” at work on Monday, and after two painful days, it was the holiday, and then I took the rest of the week off to be my brother and sister in law’s indentured servant in fixing up my mom’s house. Good times. Yesterday at work they served grilled prime rib for lunch. Wouldn’t you know it, whenever I take days off, they serve the best stuff at work!

The Friday before, Chef Donald made beef and chicken kabobs for us. The kabobs themselves I believe they bought pre-made, but the seasoning and sauce were all pure Chef Donald. I only tried the beef ones and they were tremendous. The meat was cooked well (not too raw, not too cooked) and I loaded on with some of Chef Donald’s delicious gravy/juice/sauce. So good!

On the day of the go live, I couldn’t really leave my desk to get any food, so luckily, I had some soup brought back for me. Ok, not some soup, but two soups from Saladworks. The first one was a chicken pot pie soup, which was exactly what it sounded like. I loved it, even though it was a little celery-heavy, but I easily avoided those. The second was a chicken tortilla soup, and it was also excellent. Incrediby flavorful, just spicy enough, and with good hunks of chicken. I love their salads and their sandwiches, and now I’m even a fan of their soups.

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